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About Us

A tattoo is a statement, not a style; and getting it is a journey, not a destination..

You are now taking a peep at one of the largest studios in Kerala , that comprises a team of skilled artists who turns your idea of art into magic.

You name it. We ink it.

The DeepInk Tattooz is the only tattoo studio in Kerala to get ISO certification and are known for our hyper-realistic work and our unique designs that stand "exceptional" from what's ordinary . From minimalist tattoos that are adorable to massive designs turning into your style statement, we are here to give life to the tattoo of your dreams.

The DeepInk Tattooz is owned by Kuldeep Krishna, an award winning tattoo artist with an exceptional skill and passion towards the art of body ink. His career began under the training of the talented Sunny Bhanushali , who is one of the best tattoo designers in India. The team also include another artist Praveen. He is also a very talented and trained artist, started his career at his very young age. They are known for their realistic works, so watch out for that inked butterfly ! they might fly away :)) Bring in your ideas and these promising artists will never let you down !

We are located towards the city, so that you find your way easily towards that tattoo you've always wanted;) . Our serene interiors intend your comfort, and we have set hygiene as our priority. You are about to experience a clean and composed session !

Now if you are passionate about learning the art of tattooing, we have the perfect opportunity for you !! The DeepInk Institute is here to provide guidance and the motivation for the artist in you. All aspiring candidates are welcomed to be trained under our team of artists , who wishes to be an inspiration for each one of you.

If you wish to take a look on our works or contact us, do visit our page in instagram or facebook ,or we are just a call away.

Deepink Taatooz

Our Studio

Our History

The DeepInk Taatooz is the largest and first and only tattoo studio in Kerala to get ISO certification.Our team understands the core values attached to each tattoo and its utmost importance of maintaining originality and authenticity of each tattoo design, and to achieve this, we always look forward to collaborating with artists from various backgrounds around the world to bring the best custom tattoo designs for our clients.

How We Work

DeepInk Tattooz has made a mark in the global tattoo industry through exhibiting breath-taking creative tattoos and exceptional customer service. When it comes to tattoo hygiene, we use top quality of Inks, authentic tattoo machines and needles, tattoo hygiene is followed as per the standards of USA (There is no government body to control the quality of tattooing in India as of now). This was possible only with the support of these brands which trust in us as consider us as one of the Best Tattoo Artists in India.

Our studio
ISO 9001:2015

ISO Certification

DeepInk Tattooz is the only Tattoos studio and tattoo art school in Kerala to get ISO certification. We had provided ISO 9001:2015 for our studio's quality managament and for its scope of tattoo art works and providing job oriented training on tattoo art.This clearly shows the standard and services we provide. It is also Kerala's largest tattoo studio. Visit our tattoo studio to get a unique tattoo according to your personal choice or to become a pro in tattooing.

Deepink Tattoo Art School

DeepInk Tattooz Art School provide 3 month tattoo designing course to interested candidates who would like to take tattooing as passion. The candidates will be trained by our fine artists who had completed their tattooing course from India's best tattoo studio, Aliens tattoo under world class tattoo designer, Sunny Bhanushali.


Our Artists

Kuldeep Krishna

Kuldeep Krishna

Founder & Tattoo Artist
The Deepink tattoo studio is the dream and effort of Kuldeep krishna, the award winning tattoo artist. He turned his career from a graphic designer to tattoo artist by taking training under the great artist Sunny Banushali.And after that he established a form to his passion,that is Deepink tattooz.



The mandala is a diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe, but it originally meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within minds.


Dotwork is a tattooing technique where the artist tattoos several dots for a striking visual effect. These dots create either the entire image or just the shading. Dotwork used for shading is known as stippling. This technique uses black ink, grey ink, or sometimes red ink. The mandala is a unique design that emulates this sense of harmony.


Portrait tattoos are tattoos which look like a portrait. They can be an image of just about anyone, whether real or fictional. The reason these types of tattoos are so popular is two-fold. First, a lot of people love having a constant reminder of someone they love or admire. The second is these tattoos when done well are true works of art.


Like printmaking, linework-style tattoos utilize marks to create their imagery. Shading is produced not with fields of pigment, but done in measured tics. Some are small and intricate while others are large and graceful. The style can vary greatly, but ultimately showcases the immense power that a line can have.


A tattoo done in a neo-traditional style may be a simplified shape common for traditional tattoos only done with broader color choices, but still using the bold, black outline. On the other hand, you may use the traditional color choices, but choose a more modern design like a snake with a woman's head.


Realism tattooing is the fashionable new force for body arts future. Realistic tattoo keeps getting more insane by the hour, and ink aficionados can reap incredibly aesthetic rewards from replicating 3D graphics on their skin. Realistic tattoo offers lifelike reproduction of portraiture, spot on landscapes, or eye-catching reproductions.

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  • Priya Varrier
    Million thanks khuldeep for getting mine done in shortest period. You are no doubt an amazing and talented artist with charming personality. I am very much comfortable with the entire process. You and your team displayed utmost professionalism. Your commitment to your profession is highly commendable. I am glad that I choose you. Looking forward for more tattoos and I assure you I definitely recommend your work to my friends and family. Keep up the good work. Cheers brother!! Rehenesh TP, Indian footballer
  • Priya Varrier
    Its been a few years since I have been wanting this tattoo, but my fear of needles took me this long to get it done. Deep Ink and the amazing artist Kuldeep Krishna extended great comfort and ambience where I felt no pain. I am extremely delighted to have this tattoo which was customised with the rarest font and I am grateful towards Kuldeep and Deep Ink team for this incredible experience. Lakshmi Nakshathra, Leading TV anchor, singer, youtube vlogger
  • Priya Varrier
    I've always been one for minimal but elegant designs.So I wanted to get a simple yet beautiful tattoo on my ankle. I'd come across a very cute design and shared the idea with the artists at the Deepink tattoo studio.They were most eager to get it done for me and I really loved how the outcome looks.Its something that describes me most-simple and minimal.So thank you to everyone at Deepink for the experience! Priya Varrier
  • Priya Varrier
    As i am planning for my third tattoo, i dont have any better choice other than kuldeep krishna ???. Hay man you are an amazing artist, i started falling for my right leg again and again after you inked it with my dream and passion. My dreamcatcher mermaid, you nailed it with each and every detailing that made me wearing shorts more often now than before. Thankyou so much kuldeep for this wonderful work. Very soon i ll be there with my third one. keep going dear. Swathika - Actress
  • Uma Mohan
    Hi Iam Uma , it was nice experience with u guys, I loved the work which was done over there , now I'm having a feeling of ( love ) towards tattooz.The work which were done by u guys are amazing and also have a lively feeling and also too friendly and positive towards clients.I'm telling the truth it's a awesome feelings ... waiting for the next design to get ready by the master ( Kuldeep krishna) Uma Mohan
  • sanoosh
    Thank you kuldeep for a fantastic tattoo...It's a long time dream come true in my life...In my opinion Deepink is a perfect place of passion and professionalism goahead all the best... Sanush Raj P-Kerala state football team under 17 coach
  • Aparna
    Tattoo was always my dream. Though I was scared to get it done, I took a step forward to get inked. As I approached The Deepink Tattoes, they made it so easy and made me feel like I've got this! Obviously I had this thought that it's gonna hurt af, but I've had the best & least painful experience ever. My artist Giri totally understood my side and had utmost patience. He was perfect and thorough. The studio itself is extreme hygienic and they follow a set standard. Nothing more, Nothing less, Nothing else!If any of u guys thinking of getting a tattoo, The Deepink Tattoes is the one I'd recommend. Thank you so freaking much for my bestest experience. I can't wait to get inked again with you ! Aparna Thomas-Surya TV anchor,Youtube vlogger, Model
  • Rakul
    The biggest tattoo studio in Kerala with a talented filled artists. Well trained artists with huge talent especially Mr Kuldeep one of the best and talented artist ever I met in God's own country. The works are international standards one. More over the hygine and cleanses, ambiance of studio , behaviour of staffs and artists very appreciative one. I personally recommend deepink tattoo studio very much. Rakul Nair-Accounts Manager BMW,Cochin
  • Mirsha
    Getting a tattoo done was a wish I had from some years back, and I am really thankful for this lovely piece of work you have gifted me. The studio has couple of amazing and creative artists, who shows the patience to sit and to work their magic on each client's ideas. Thank you again and I have got many compliments on your wonderful work. I am so glad for having my first tattoo experience with you. Mirsha K Madhu-Consultant psychologist at Silverline Hospital,Kadavanthara
    Consultant psychologist at Solace NEUROBEHAVIORAL and Child guidance center, Kacheripady
  • vijay
    It's been a desire and wish that lasted for more than one and a half year, even though I already had two more tattoos, I need this one to be so special.KULDEEP KRISHNA should be your guy for tattooing..!!After searching on the internet I chose to come across Kuldeep leaving behind all other Tattoo artists and it was the best decision of my life! Kuldeep my Mr. Perfectionist is a thorough Professional tattoo artist, who would go beyond his physical capabilities to ensure that EVERY DETAIL of the tattoo has got the attention it seeks and completed with precision. Haven't seen such an AWESOME ARTIST ever in my life.He always comes up with a better idea than what the client already has in mind!!Absolutely love the design and artwork. What a lovely atmosphere, what an amazing studio! Even from the time of design discussion, we get through the same vibe that we catched up.The design was exactly as per the concept I had in mind and the end result is fantastic. Love the entire experience right from the design to inking. Amazing, friendly art team and love the whole experience. It's been a month and 7 days exact and the GUARDIAN ANGEL is fully healed off and ready to roll over n over for years from now...!!I really thank my man Mr. Perfectionist KULDEEP for this beautiful artistry...Can't ask for more and couldn't have asked for a better tattoo.!! Full Respect!! VIJAY J NAMBIAR-Accounts Manager,Bharti Airtel,Bangalore
  • Aparna
    I was looking for a good artist to do my next tattoo.My previous one was done at Aliens Bangalore and I had realised how important artistic skills and attention to detail is while inking and this comes only by practice.It is a permanent mark on your body .It better be great,if not perfect.After I moved to kochi,i didnot know about the tatoo art scene here.I naively thought,only because of lack of knowledge you cannot experiment with inking.I would need to go outside kochi to find really good artist.A friend recommended Deeink. Kuldeep was really quick in responding to my queries.I had a collection of design ideas and we discussed over instagram,watsapp and in person.He was patient to make sure i was satisfied by the final decision.A nice touch on the design we decided was to use my own handwriting digitally.It came out so well,seamlessly.I ended up having a second unplanned tattoo done by him on the same afternoon after the first was done.Because there was time i already had a design i liked as is and mostly because i was so thrilled by the quality of the first one.I personnaly think its because of kuldeep's (and the other DI artists) strong background in arts-be it BFA/any art degree or career in animation or graduating from Aliens with top grade/all of the above/none of the above-whatever it is,that really shows in the ink work.Design is one thing,but to put that on the skin is totally different skill.Both are important.Even though my direct experiences isn't extensive,i would even say their work is as good,if not better than ,a lot of well known brands.Everyone who sees the two pieces i got done here,compliment me on how good they look.Even my mother ,who is not at all a fan tattoos,loved the art work and detailing!Being passionate about this art form,I am excited and already planning more!I hope DI has time for me:) Anju Srinivasan-Software Architect @ Valuementor Infosec
  • Sheetal
    Getting tattooed always topped my bucket list but I was so anxious about the amount of pain I'll have to endure to get it done....and the common reviews I got from people who got tattooed from different places was that the pain is gona be toomuch for me to handle....more than all this...I was not having an idea of what I should get tattooed...cuz am someone who believe every tattoo should mean something... something thats related to u...cuz tattoos are lifelong as soon as I figured out what I wanted I started looking for the best available option in kochi... finding a good place and an artist is real luck...if u go wrong there ul have to go through the most painful as well as dangerous experience as it's something that involves our skin....but luckily I was suggested deepink tattoos by one of my close friends...I have to say I've never seen such pure professional artists ...they exactly knew what they should provide the client...the moment I walked in and talked to kuldeep half of my tension was gone...he reassured me that there won't be much pain at all and that all the staffs there were professionally qualified artists from one of the top most institute in you know what that means.."they knows exactly what they are doing"..if I have to sum up my experience at deep ink tattoos..." I walked to get one tattoo done and walked out with 4 on my body. no more explanation needed I guess...all the best kuldeep cheta and guys are the best. Dr sheetal Nair,CMO,MAJ Hospital Edapally
  • Balu
    So much satisfied to review about my tattoo experience done from DeepInk studio. I found this studio after looking for a while searching best tattoo artist in town, and have an awesome tattoo exactly how I wanted it.kuldeep and Giri,You guys are doing a wonderful job.Very friendly,their artworks exceptional.Thanks again Team, and I shall be back soon. Balu

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